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July is for Independence

Begin your financial independence plan today!

Nothing quite marks Summertime like the Fourth of July. This holiday, begin to work towards financial freedom by learning a new craft.

Why not offer a service doing what you love to do...rather than spending money on entertainment? Imagine yourself leading a yoga class in the grassy plains amongst some of your favorite peeps. Edge Yoga School sets itself apart by offering personalized mentorship with Michelle Rae Sobi to help guide you every step of the way.

The Summer cohort begins on July 16th, so grab a friend to bring to any of our field trips for free. Earn some hours before we resume in full swing come August.

Michelle works closely with a number of local venues to help Edge Alum with job placement post-graduation. While nothing can be guaranteed, you may have noticed Edge Alum of our 200-hour program teaching all over town.

Want to lead workshops, retreats, and yoga teacher trainings yourself? Our 300-hour program is all about that. Many Edge Alum has gone on to do so, and you can, too! Make this the year of you to start some fireworks in your life.

Send us a CHAT today to begin a conversation and invite a friend tonight at your gathering. All you need to do is register today and all passes include a guest. See our Summer programming HERE.


Michelle Rae Sobi

yogi. digital artists. mentor


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