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Kneeling Vinyasa Flow

Do your wrists hurt in yoga? Try this!

Yoga can look many ways, so feel free to explore the many styles of yoga. This kneeling vinyasa flow segment is perfect for those looking to get some movement in, while not loading too much pressure on the wrists. Want to learn more? Enroll in one of our programs to begin your journey. We offer a flexible schedule that will meet yours. Edge is affiliated with a number of Associations, so choose the one that aligns with what you would like to learn about yoga. Yoga embodies eight limbs, and while one of those limbs include the physical practice that is yoga asana, the other seven can greatly impact a yogi's life. See how yoga can improve your community life, develop the connection with your self...and so much more.

Have questions? Send us a CHAT and in most cases we will get back to you within a few minutes. If we are offline, we usually get back to you that same day.


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