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Prenatal Yoga 101

Hey All!

Do you or someone you know have a baby on the way? If so, check out these tips about Prenatal yoga!

First Trimester - Refrain from raising the arms overhead as it compresses the uterus. No Warrior I's until Second Trimester. This is a common culprit for miscarriages.

Lay on Side - When you lie belly-up the weight of your growing belly can compress the vena cava, a major blood vessel. This can limit blood supply to both mama and baby!

Watch those Hips! Due to the hormone relaxin, you may find your asana practice grow and you can get into postures more deeply. Don't be fooled though, this may result in tears of the connective tissue that is not prepared to move so deeply.

I hope you enjoyed this segment on Prenatal Yoga 101. Want to know more? Consider taking our Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. This is a highly underserved population and perfect for Yoga Instructors looking to offer private sessions.


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