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Prenatal Yoga Training

Do you wish you had a career that allowed you to work from home, help other moms and be home in time for the kids? There is a shortage of Prenatal Yoga Teachers.

The average in home private session is between $89-$249 PER HOUR! This is a highly underserved community and in NEED of teachers.

Wouldn’t you have loved to have someone come to your home and guide you through a yoga and meditation practice while pregnant? Don’t wait to sign up for this training as it begins on August 18th! The time commitment is only two Sunday’s per month for a total of 85 training hours for the prenatal training.

Not already a yoga teacher? Bundle your yoga teacher training in at this year! We offer payment plans for tuition!

Tuition Rates:

Prenatal training $1299

200 hour training $1899

300 hour advanced training $1899

Be training in other people’s homes by this time next year! Dream of opening your own studio? We do that too! Ask me how to help you launch your dream business!

About the training...

The 200 hour is the standard for employment as a yoga teacher. The advanced 300 hour is optional and entirely up to you.


Register for all three to begin your new career and save 30%!

This is your year. Start something new that matters.

Questions? Hit me up in our chat!


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