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Press Release

The Edge Co-Op is SO excited to announce Soul Flo Yoga, Inc as our exclusive studio class provider!

They have demonstrated what it means to be a yogi in their Plainfield studio and are ready to add a second location in Naperville! As you may know, Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS has set her sights on training programs for Edge Yoga School. As such, our little co-op needs a fearless leader that will offer conventional studio classes in our beautiful South Naperville location. Edge will continue to provide our five-star yoga teacher training at this location, as well as online at

Want Corporate Yoga?

Derek will continue to spearhead corporate yoga and off-site events. Contact him directly to offer Corporate Yoga at your establishment today! Are you an instructor looking to offer off-site yoga? Connect with Derek today to have him help you make the connection. Wellness programs are on the rise to encourage mindful living. Reach out to him at today for your consultation!

Want to know more about Soul Flo Yoga?

Melissa Bruce, RYT, Owner, ERYT-200, YACEP, GI-Yoga Certified, Certified in Chakra Therapeutics, Reiki Level 2 Energy Practitioner. She is currently pursuing her RYT 500 with Edge Yoga School.

About Melissa...

Melissa found yoga back in 2007 when she was trying to find a more natural way to deal with anxiety, other than medication. She instantly fell in love and wanted to share this amazing realization with anyone and everyone. After many years of practice, Melissa decided to enroll in teacher training to earn her RYT 200. It was during that training that she realized she really wanted to focus her training on helping people deal with issues, such as PTSD, stress, anxiety, and depression. That's when Melissa decided to teach GI Yoga, which is yoga that works with military vets, and first responders. She is currently enrolled in a yoga therapy school, where she will learn to help people use yoga to help manage their pain. Showing people that yoga isn't about the poses and how flexible you are, but rather about finding that mind, body, breath connection is what Melissa wants her students to feel when they take her classes.

About Jason...

Jason Bruce, RYT, Co-Owner, Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), IACC Certified Life Coach, Meditation Instructor. Jason has been meditating since 2006. He discovered meditation while searching for a natural way to deal with his ADD. Meditation helped him get through college and has definitely made him a better person. In 2016 Jason went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat (Vipassana). After returning from his retreat he decided he wanted to share meditation with as many people as possible to show them the amazing benefits. He believes that meditation can help with every aspect of your life and you can see a change after meditating for just a short time. He is currently pursuing his RYT 500 with Edge Yoga School.

Life coaching came naturally for Jason, as he has been "life coaching" friends and co-workers for some time. He believes that everyone has the potential to better themselves and may just need an outside source to get them where they need to be. He will help you find your dream or passion and can guide you into improving any aspect of your life that you desire.

A note from Melissa and Jason...

“We are excited to bring the amazing and loving energy from the Soul Flo community into the Naperville location.”

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Facebook: Soul Flo Yoga Inc. Instagram: soulfloyoga1 YouTube: Soul Flo Yoga Inc.

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Your friends at Edge proudly present Soul Flo at Edge! Classes begin August 1st so dust off your mats and get ready for some yoga! We are excited to announce we have grown from studio to co-op to school to business services to every aspect of your wellness needs!

• Michelle, Edge Academy

• Derek, Power Edge, LLC

• Melissa and Jason, Soul Flo Inc

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