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Samadhi: The Road to Bliss


The eights limb of yoga. Samadhi ultimately means a state of unity. Patanjali describes this as a "State of Ecstasy." In this final state, one is completely detached from everything while discovering a strong inner connection with the divine and all other living things. They feel one with the Universe. All in all, it is the true discovery of peace in a total sense, something that is said to be craved by all people. Some examples of Samadhi can be described as:

  • A sensation of pure bliss or enlightenment.

  • This inner connection can be exemplified by listening to the true inner voice.

  • Listening within permits us to hear the words of our heart and acknowledge.

  • Choosing to listend leads to self-love.

  • Allows us to develop the power to love others.

  • Some people believe one can achieve Samadhi several times in their life and then return back, while others believe that Samadhi can only be achieved once upon death and the person remains in that state.


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