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Sound Meditation Certificate

Harness the top tier of the eight limbs of yoga through sound.

Enhance your yogic offerings with a Sound Meditation Certificate! This program embodies the top five limbs of the eight fold path.

- Pranayama: Breathwork - Pratyahara: Harness the Distractions - Dharana: Guided Meditation Focus - Dhyana: Meditation - Samadhi: Connection with Bliss

Earn hours in your 200hr or 300hr program in this specialty course. All are welcome to attend, and this course includes our online course. Upon completion of both, students will receive a certificate after demonstrating mastery via video or in-person.

Some common instruments to choose from include: - Crystal Bowls - Tibetan Bowls - Chimes - Glockenspiel - Ocean Drum - Steel Drum ...something else?

There is no need to purchase instruments, as our will be available to learn on. Feel free to select your favorite instrument of choice.

We will host a number of Orchestra Meditations at Naper Settlement, so save the dates: August 20th, November 5th, January 14th from 6-7pm. Let me know if you are interested in offering or attending these amazing sessions!

Join our upcoming LIVE workshop to kickoff your training, or enhance your prior training to earn your Sound Meditation Certificate:

Sound Meditation Lab Day

August 26th 1:30-5pm Fountaindale Public Library 300 W. Briarcliff Road Bolingbrook, IL 60440 Meeting Room C *Registration Required

Upon completion of the online training and in-person training, students will receive a certification from Edge Yoga School as a "Sound Meditation Instructor."


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