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The Best Holiday Gift

Share the art of self-compassion with your loved ones.

This holiday season, show your children the art of self-care through self-compassion. Close your eyes and imagine this time next many of the items that you purchased are now jammed in a closet, awaiting donation...or completely forgotten about.

Year after year we buy the next-new-best thing. What would it look like if you didn't?

Join us for healing arts this week and skip the mall...and all that goes with it.

Consider picking up gifts from local artists at the quiet and peaceful Naperville Art League instead. Afterwards, head over for a sound meditation just a jog away at the studio to find alignment this holiday season. Get your pass here...

The world doesn't need more need your highest frequency.

Love the act of gift-giving? So do I! May I suggest a gift certificate to Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum for your loved ones. Share a hot cider over the fire pits while the world of light illuminates around you. Need company? Join our field trip on Nov 28th at 4:30pm when we meet there at the gift shop. All are welcome with the Edge Tribe!

All of our events are cross-promoted across multiple platforms, so don't worry about the number of folks going. We will be there to hold space with you this holiday season!


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