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Yin-Inspired Flow: A Virtual Workshop with Kara

By Kara Lester, Edge Ambassador

A Brief History and What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga originated in the 1980s. Paul Grilley is credited as being the founder of this yoga practice.

Yin Yoga is considered a gentle style of yoga, where poses are held anywhere from 3-10 minutes. Poses are intended to be held for longer periods of time to soften muscles, tissues, replenish blood flow, and even release deeply held emotions and tension stored within the body.

How is Yin Yoga Unique?

Yin is unique from other styles of yoga because of how long poses are held. I often see the term “passive” used to describe this style. For me, nothing is really passively felt while in a pose such as Frog!

Even in such hip-openers as Pigeon, the practitioner is presented with a unique challenge of going within.

Popular styles offer a physical challenge through fast-paced flows. This style encourages one to embrace the stillness and feel into that moment.