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New Moon Lessons

My journey around the twenty twenty-four new moons.

🍒 January New Moon 2024 Blog

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. Last night's new moon ceremonies filled my cup! I snapped this pic to remember her lessons.

👌 In yoga class last night...

I incorporated how this mudra forms a circular energy between the the palm of the the space between the forefinger and thumb. This is the place where the new moon resides.

🙏 I looked back on previous journal entries to compare old viewpoints with new ones. Discoveries were made, and I need to focus on myself this year.

🍒 I made the choice to go to bed early, and did. Today I am rested and relieved to have a free day ahead. There is no need to worry about what might be, there is only the present.

💕 Join me for YoGa on Tuesday in Downtown Naperville at the exquisite Studio 25 on Jefferson Street located between Washington and Webster. I will be holding space for you in Yin Yoga class at 6:30pm. Take some time for stillness to be guided towards your next step. Love to all.


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