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Yogi Tea Club

Let's gather to talk about all things yoga over tea.

Are you curious about diving into the eight limbs of yoga and how they can aid you in your journey? Many folks think of yoga as exercise (asana) on a mat...and while that is true, it can be so much more.

Patanjali coined the phrase "Eight Limbs of Yoga" as a pathway to enrich a student's life. It is true that a student could spend a lifetime developing their understanding of this gem of a book. I have found it to be more useful to reach for the broad strokes and apply them to my Tuesday afternoons. Let's meet for tea at Sweetwaters in Downtown Naperville and discuss our understanding of the eight limbs of yoga.

We will dive into conversations such us: -What is a Sangha?

-Improving your relationship with your inner Self.

-Move the body to prepare for stillness

-Breathing Techniques

-Guided Meditation Scripts

-Clearing the stage for meditation

-True Connections

...and so much more!

We plan to meet monthly for our Yogi Tea Club, and all are welcome. Students of Edge Yoga School may earn hours attending.


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